There are a lot of things that real estate agents do on a daily basis, including helping clients buy or sell homes and commercial property. They also research property values and trends, market properties, organize home inspections and closings, and communicate with clients via email, calls, texts and social media posts.

Real estate agents often work on commission, so they receive a portion of the money from the sale of a property. Depending on the agency, they may have administrative assistants who help with paperwork and other duties.

To become a real estate agent, a candidate must complete pre-licensing courses and take a state licensing exam. Once licensed, a real estate agent can apply to join a brokerage firm or work on their own. Some real estate agents are members of the National Association of Realtors(r) and have additional credentials that can help them perform their jobs better.

Real estate brokers complete additional education and training to earn the title of broker, and they can run their own brokerage firms or have more responsibilities in their current employer’s firm. They are often licensed in multiple states and must continue to take education classes to maintain their licenses. Real estate agents and brokers perform the same functions, but brokers have greater career freedoms and can earn higher commissions for their work.

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do For a Seller?

For sellers, a real estate agent will help set listing prices, advise on home upgrades that can boost value and speed up the sale and market the property through the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). They can also negotiate sales price and other expenses like closing costs, fees and home warranties.

When working with buyers, a real estate agent can help them find local properties that meet their budget and requirements, either by searching online or by visiting homes in person. They can also help buyers understand and navigate the process of buying a home by explaining contracts, agreements and other paperwork. More info:

One of the most important duties of a real estate agent is to make sure both parties involved in a sale fully understand what they are agreeing to. They can also serve as a liaison between the buyer and seller to help smooth over any issues that arise during the transaction.

During the closing process, a real estate agent will help their client review and sign legal documents as well as attend a final walkthrough of the property with them to ensure there is no damage from the negotiation and inspection processes. The agent will also help prepare their client for the transition into their new home and give them recommendations for contractors, landscaping companies and other services they might need.

In addition to the tasks outlined above, a real estate agent can also assist with a variety of other projects such as hosting open houses, attending client events and conducting home valuations. They can also provide recommendations for lenders, escrow officers and other professionals who can help clients with the sale or purchase of a property.